Our Fabulous Top 10 Kitchen Gadget Picks for 2017

It’s the time of year when we are getting ready for the Big Season. Unpacking boxes and boxes of things pertaining to Christmas is fun, and messy. The ornaments are cute, the mugs are hilarious, and the feeling in the store is one of anticipation.

 We also focus on gifting. This is our job. Our job is to help people find things for others (or for yourself, there is no judgement here!)  The challenge is to help the gifter find the right item for the person receiving it. It’s a pretty tall order. To help you out, we put together an annual list of our Top Ten Kitchen Gadget Picks. These are items we’ve noted to have a particular appeal or purpose. Not all are new; some are kitchen staples that get lost on a wall of gadgets. Others are new or innovative, and we want you to know about them.

 #10 Healthy Measures Food Scoop – perfect for scooping up your chopped veg and measuring it at the same time. So fast and tidy.

 #9 Microplane 7-in-1 Ultimate Bar Tool- great gift for the home bartender as you can muddle, stir, cut, score, strain and create with this one gadget.

 #8 Joseph Joseph Unitool 5-in-1- is it a spatula or a spoon? Both, plus a slotted spoon, cutting tool and flipper. It’s one simple tool with five functions.

 #7 Good Grips Apple Corer- Innovation is the name of the game as this apple corer is quick to cut/core and then springs open to release the core.

#6 Microplane Cut Resist Glove – Safety first! And with a cut resist glove, you can put all your love into cooking without scraping any bits of your person into it too. Made from stretchy mesh, one size fits most.

 #5 Good Grips Silicone Jar Spatula – How to get that last little bit of delicious peanut butter out of the bottom of the jar? Use a specially designed spatula from Good Grips.

#4 Joseph Joseph Garlic Helix – Innovation in a garlic crusher, oh yes. Use less effort and strength and have better results (and check out big brothers Juicer Helix and Potato Ricer Helix).

 #3 Zwilling Paring Knife – the most handled knife in the kitchen is likely the paring one. You use it for so many things. This one is small, sharp and has a variety of attractive coloured handles.

 #2 Abeego Beeswax Wraps- Love those bees! Beeswax infused cotton with a little jojoba to keep it supple, the variety of wraps available make it possible to keep your fruits, vegetables and leftovers fresh, like a second natural skin. Toss out the plastic, say hello to the beeswax. (made in Canada for an added bonus)

 #1 Now Designs Swedish Dish Cloths – an old product with brand new life, these dishcloths hold 20 times their weight in liquid. Made from cellulose and cotton, one cloth can replace 17 rolls of paper towel. You will want to give one (or five) and get one (or five) for yourself.

 That’s the list for 2017. Truly, there is something for every cook on your list. Or maybe you are the cook.

 Did you know? In 1932, J. Fred Coots wrote ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ and he told us Santa makes a list.

 Cathy and staff

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