Let Your Salt Lamp Shine -published Jan 26, 2017

Let Your Salt Lamp Shine -published Jan 26, 2017

Despite my mind knowing December 21 has the fewest daylight minutes, January and February seem to be the darkest months of the year to my soul. It is just more difficult to find the energy to do things, even the simple things I do every day such as walk the dog, or make a meal. It is easier to sit down with a book and a coffee, or to grab popcorn and watch a movie, than it is to sweep the floor or work on the books. (This may not just be a seasonal thing!)

What if something natural and ancient could help perk me up? What if I don’t have to expend any energy to get perked up (even better!) I would try it.

In October, we had a trickle of requests for salt lamps. By late December, it was a flood. Salt lamps are the ‘in’ thing yet the product has been around for years. Why is there a sudden interest in lighting your life through salt? We did some digging, and here are some results for you to ponder.

There is science in how salt lamps work. Himalayan salt is hygroscopic, which means salt naturally attracts water molecules from the air, along with all the dirt trapped in these molecules. The salt dries out, releasing clean water vapor but the contaminants stay on the salt. The larger the block of salt, the more water vapor is captured and released. This happens as the salt warms up so an ancient salt block is hollowed out. Then a low watt bulb is placed inside to gently heat and get things started. Every once in a while, the lamp will need to be turned off, allowed to cool, and wiped clean to remove the collected impurities. A wise customer advised that a coaster or saucer should be placed under the lamp as it drips a bit from the condensation (and can ruin a table.)

One of the main reasons people want to purchase Himalayan salt lamps is for the ionization effect. Salt lamps do generate negative ionization but in very small scale and range compared to a good air ionizer. However, there is a cumulative effect in having a salt lamp on for long periods of time as they slowly generate more and more negative ions while ‘cleaning’ the air through water vapor. We live in homes with numerous electronic devices, with electromagnetic fields radiating from each one. We lose naturally existing negative ions in this radiation. A salt lamp sitting beside you while you watch TV or work on a computer may help counteract some of this radiation and aid in concentration.

The lamps are pretty to look at, with a soft glow through pink, orange, or even white crystals. Many people who own a lamp find them relaxing just to have on in the bedroom or living room, a gentle sort of night light.

Here’s the main thing, if I think it will help me relax naturally, sleep better, and live in a healthier house, then turning on a salt lamp is exactly what I’m going to do. By the time this article is comes out, I’ll have lived with it for two weeks so come on in and ask me how I feel!


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*Did You Know? The pink or orange colour in a salt lamp is due to the high number of minerals in the salt, over 80 natural minerals and elements already found in the human body.

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