Bathing the Baby -published March 22, 2017

Bathing the Baby -published March 22, 2017

Bathing the Baby 

Here at Ab Fab we seem to be involved in a mini-baby boom. We have a staff member about to have her second child since she began to work at the store, and there are two Grammas here now as well. Our sales reps are also getting into grandparent mode, or great aunt in some cases, and there seems to be a lot of photo sharing and ‘aww, so cute’ sort of comments. Pictures of babies are adorable. 

Babies are the sweetest things. How they feel and smell when you are cuddling a little one is precious. With that in mind, I went baby bath and body care shopping at the trade show in January. It was a successful endeavor as we are happy to introduce our new Snowdrop baby-care line, which arrived March 6. 

It is created and manufactured in Canada by the Dans un Jardin company of Quebec. The line is called ‘Snowdrop’ and it is natural, gentle and very softly scented with heliotrope flowers. It is fully hypoallergenic and has been dermatologically tested to be safe for tender skin. 

Here’s a little rundown on some of the ingredients used in Snowdrop products:

Jojoba oil- for soothing and preventing dryness;

Sunflower oil- softens and nourishes skin

Cupuacu butter (an exotic plant from the chocolate tree family) –moisturizes and also nourishes

Beeswax – gently protects the skin and helps moisturize

Marshmallow root extract – softens and is an anti-inflammatory

And shea butter – rich in vitamins, it also protects the skin.

Bathing a baby is a pleasure for most parents and grandparents, particularly when you know the products you are using are gentle and effective. The Snowdrop line has both a soap and a bath foam; both are mild and give lovely clean results for hair and skin, with a no-tears formula in the bath foam. Once the baby is all patted dry, the Snowdrop soft moisturizing milk (lotion) is gently rubbed in. There is a zinc paste to use for any minor skin irritations as zinc and vitamin E form a natural barrier against urine. There is an outdoor cream for facial skin. This cream is non-scented and is perfect for anyone who spends time in the great outdoors, as it works hard to protect your face from the drying effects of the wind, water or sun. 

One of the nicest things you can do for your baby is to gently massage as this soothes the little one, maybe even into sleep! There is a bonding process as you massage the little arms, legs, back and belly. Massage can increase circulation, which stimulates the appetite and improves digestion. The Snowdrop massage oil is a “medley of six natural plant oils” and it is easily absorbed in to baby’s skin without feeling greasy. 

The Dans un Jardin company began in manufacturing gently fragranced bath products in 1976, in Paris, France. In the early 1980’s, the company moved to Canada, to Montreal and began a new chapter, adding fragrance products.  By the 1990’s, skincare was a prime objective. Now Dans un Jardin offers products for the entire family (we started with baby), and is a leader in skincare and well-being in the North American market. 

We invite you to come in for a sniff, and bring the baby (or the pictures) too!

Cathy and the Ab Fab girls

Did you know? The average baby will need a diaper changing 8000 times from birth to toilet training.  

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