Throws for Chilly Knees, and More

Throws for Chilly Knees, and More

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Throws for Chilly Fall Nights and More!

The word ‘throw’ usually describes an action, one my dog likes quite a bit as it involves a ball or something fun to fetch. At Absolutely Fabulous, a throw describes a small blanket-like cover for your couch or bed, also something fun with a bit more practicality!

The main difference between a throw and a blanket is the size. A blanket is mean to fully cover a bed, twin to king, and is sized similarly to a quilt or flat sheet. A throw is smaller, usually measuring 50 by 60 inches (130 x 150 cm). The first throws were made of tapestry fabrics and were definitely more decorative than functional. The decorative element came from the rich colours and design. It was used to protect more delicate fabrics from wear and tear, and added a layer of warmth to a bed. Today’s throws are made from all sorts of different materials such as wool, acrylic, cotton, mohair or blends of these.

Most of us have a throw in the living room somewhere. Mine is draped across the back of the chair that sits in the window, helping to mitigate the damage from the sun. It is very useful to pull over bare legs on chilly evenings before the wood furnace is put into action. I like the woven texture too as it blends together all the colours we used on the walls, furniture and floors in this room. A throw is a great decorative element!

 I have other throws I regularly use as table linens. One is a gorgeous tapestry-like piece with knotted fringes with strong warm colours in the pattern. It instantly warms up the dining room, and washes like a dream. Another throw is about to be sewn into a window treatment. It is the same size as the shade hanging there now, and is much prettier with wide pink and white stripes. Most of my throws are cotton as they wash well, don’t pill and don’t need ironing. The living room throw is a mohair blend so needs a bit more care when I launder it.

 There have been times I have grabbed a throw and tossed around my shoulders for a bit of warmth as I headed outside with the dog (faster than putting on a coat). Many of the modern throws would make wonderful shawls as the colour, texture and weight is very similar. Of course the best use of a throw is for napping. It sort of communicates to the rest of the household that you aren’t really sleeping, just snoozing. A blanket implies a sleep. A throw will keep you comfortable but eventually you’ll stretch and your feet will stick out from under it as it is smaller than the blanket. That always wakes me up.

 Throws are available in a wide variety of colours, patterns and materials. It is one of the most versatile pieces you can purchase as it can be used in so many ways and rooms. A throw can quickly add a colourful element to your living room, along with a toss cushion or two, and you have an updated look. It’s almost fall now, and your toes might really appreciate a little throw warmth in the evenings.

 Did you know? Thomas Blanket was a Flemish weaver living in England during the 14th century. He developed a weave of thick napped wool, which was the forerunner of the first blankets.


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