Things We Love: Ballarini and Breakfast -Feb 6, 2019

Things We Love: Ballarini and Breakfast -Feb 6, 2019


February is the Love month. It is a fabulous opportunity to share a few of the things we love! And since breakfast (particularly if it is for supper) is one of those wonderful things, how about a review of the Ballarini line of fry pans we carry recipe and a recipe? 

All the staff had an opportunity to purchase Ballarini fry pans or woks at an introductory price before we agreed to sell the line. It was a chance for us to get to know it (and love it) before we hung the pans up on our fry pan wall. Gift giving for Christmas 2017 meant most of our family members received a Ballarini. Over a year later, all the staff report that the family members gifted with Ballarini fry pans are delighted with them. Ease of use, performance, clean up, and most importantly, the Granitium non-stick coating that has not come off with regular use, are given high marks by our families. It’s lovely to sell something so good.

 What makes the Ballarini line so good? First of all, it’s made in Italy, by the same family that started the company in the 1800’s. By the 1960’s, a line of non-stick fry pans was in production. The non-stick surfaces continued to evolve to the Granitium finish we see on the pans today. Zwilling JA Henckels purchased the company in 2016 to add to their family of quality manufacturers.

 We carry three levels of Ballarini fry pans; the Bologna ThermoPoint with an indicator built into the handle for hot and not. This pan cannot go into the oven. The Positano has a triple non-stick surface and will take metal utensils, and has a 5 year warranty. The Torino offers a 10 year warranty, has an even tougher non-stick surface and as it has a stainless handle, can safely be used in the oven.

 Any fry pan that goes into the oven can be used to make this breakfast (or supper) recipe.

Ballarini Breakfast at Cathy’s

1 pkg bacon, cut into 1” pieces (or 10-12 breakfast sausages cut into 1”)

4 cups white or sweet cooked potatoes diced (or frozen hash browns)

1 small zucchini, diced                                                                        1 medium onion, chopped

1 red or green pepper, chopped                                                          4 large eggs

Pinch or two of basil                                                                           Grated old cheddar or other favorite cheese

Salt and pepper to taste

 Gently fry the bacon until crispy. Drain the bacon fat, reserving about 3 tablespoons. Place the bacon on a paper towel to degrease while you cook the onions, potatoes or hash browns, and other vegetables in the reserved fat. Add the basil to this mix. When the potatoes are browned, the rest of the vegetables should be cooked. Add your bacon or sausage back in and mix it up. Crack the eggs into the pan without breaking the yolks, into separate sections. Sprinkle the cheese and place the fry pan under the broiler to cook the eggs. Watch this as it only takes a few minutes! Remember the handle will be hot when you pull it out.

 Add some salt and pepper to season as you spoon out the servings. A little green salad or fruit on the side makes this a fabulous brunch dish for your Valentine!

 Did you know? During the 1890’s, posh hotels in New York City were among the first to serve hashed brown potatoes to their breakfast guests.

 Cathy and staff

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