Renew into 2019 -Jan 2, 2019

Renew into 2019                                                    -Jan 2, 2019

 Every New Year seems to start with resolutions. Whether or not resolutions are kept, or for how long, is between you and your conscience. Naming your resolutions publically so there is more accountability is a bit gutsy. This year, for 2019, Absolutely Fabulous is making two resolutions to share with you.

 Both resolutions are a response to the increasing awareness that we must do something to help our environment. Becoming a grandmother has only added to the determination to do better, to help ‘save the world’ so that there is a world for our future generations. At Ab Fab, we are very fortunate to have some suppliers with environmentally responsible mandates.

 Our First Fabulous Resolution is to dramatically reduce plastic. We took steps towards this in October 2018 when we introduced our new recycled paper/plastic shopping bags. We are using up the last of our plastic shoppers and will go forward with paper and our new multi-use shoppers. Another way we are reducing plastic in a global way is by selling table linens and other kitchen goods made from plastic pop bottles. Part of the Renew fabric collection by Danica, it takes about 13 2L pop bottles to make a 55” square tablecloth. Tablecloths and napkins made from plastic are wrinkle resistant, wash like cotton, and have a lower sticker price at the cash register. Come in and feel this lovely fabric for yourself. Renew Aprons, potholders and oven mitts have 35% plastic content.

 Here’s an environmental note to consider; it takes about 400 years for a plastic bottle to break down. It is so much better to recycle it than to add it to the garbage and expect it to just go away.

 Our Second Fabulous Resolution is to buy as much sustainable product as we can for the different departments in the store. Again, we look to our suppliers and manufacturers to examine how each operate, and what is done in their manufacturing process to produce sustainable results. Here is an example from Danica (truly our favorite ‘green’ supplier) with their coconut wood utensils. Coconut trees too old to produce coconuts are typically burned to make way for new trees. Danica saves up to 1000 coconut trees from the fire and uses them to make wonderful spoons, spatulas and servers. Introduced last fall, we had tremendous sell through. I’m hoping they are back in stock this month! Another example would be Swedish dishcloths, which replace paper towels, made from wood cellulose and cotton, and are biodegradable when you finally finish with them.  Our Canadian Abeego beeswax wraps are another sustainable product, replacing plastic wrap in many instances.  My shopping list for the January trade shows is to continue to add products that meet a greener standard by producer for the consumer.

 The trend to reduce consumption and recycle existing plastic is gaining momentum. As consumers, you and I have to demand more responsibility from manufacturers, and support those that are making a difference. It starts with us, with our buying power. Join us in this challenge for 2019.

 Did you know? In the Annapolis Valley, we already recycle about 340kg of waste per person per year, over 40kg more than the provincial target of 300kg per person. We are on a winning team!

 Cathy and staff

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