Pillow Talk- Replace your pillow with one you will love

Pillow Talk- Replace your pillow with one you will love

#49 Absolutely Fabulous in Your Home                      written Nov 22, 2017 

Pillow Talk

 The first of December saw the 20th Annual Absolutely Fabulous Bedding Bank for Chrysalis House begin again. From December 1 to 24th, we collect gently used bedding and other household linens (towels, shower curtains and so on) in support of our local women’s shelter. To thank our customers for their generous donations, we give back a 20% off new bedding coupon. Now would be a great time to go through your linens and see what needs replacing before the Christmas guests arrive.

 One thing to think about replacing is your pillow. Every customer who comes in to purchase a pillow from us gets a little ‘pillow talk’ so we can help steer you in the right direction for a supportive and comfortable good night’s sleep. It’s a bit personal as we ask about your sleeping habits (back, front, side sleeper, or do you flip around all night? That’s the sort of question we ask.)

 There are a number of options available when it comes to pillows. Down pillows, the softest choice of fill and best for front or back sleepers, have two fill weights, soft or medium. Down can be pushed around inside the case to help maximize support. The combination down/feather pillows allow for softness next to your face, with neck support from a feather core, and are best for side sleepers. The width of your shoulders determines which pillow is best, as a wider shoulder requires a firmer pillow to fill in the space between your mattress and the pillow. Too soft and your neck is bent towards the mattress; too firm and your neck is pushed up. Both positions cause discomfort, strain, and eventually, pain. For those with feather allergies or sensitivities the down alternative of cluster fibers is an excellent choice, available in medium or firm.

 Down is also naturally hypoallergenic as dust mites need stems (found on feathers) to live on, and down is like a puffball with no stem. Goose down has a larger puffball than duck down so has more loft and support. Canadian goose down is rated among the best in the world; makes sense when you think of our cold winters! We are fortunate to have several Canadian pillow manufacturers. The pillows are well made and comfortable, and are available in down or synthetic cluster down fillings.

 The best way to keep dust mites to a minimum is to pop your pillows into the dryer along with a damp towel or our special ‘Steaming’ towel, and turn it on high heat for 15 minutes. The heat kills the mites. You have a better sleep with a fresher pillow.

 Life is much happier with a good night’s sleep and the Ab Fab staff is ready and waiting to give you our ‘Pillow Interview’ so you enjoy deep, restful nights. Support our Annual Bedding Bank with something from your linen closet and we’ll thank you again with 20% off something new!

 Did you know? If you sleep on your stomach, you may need to put a thin pillow under your belly rather than under your head, to help keep your spine straight and avoid lower back pain.

 Cathy and staff

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