Our Ab Fab Top Ten Kitchen Gadgets for 2018

Our Ab Fab Top Ten Kitchen Gadgets for 2018

#47 Absolutely Fabulous in Your Home                      written Nov 7, 2018 f

Our Ab Fab Top Ten Kitchen Gadget Picks for 2018

 This is one of my favorite articles to write. It is so much fun to reflect over the kitchen gadget collection from the past year, and make our picks for the Ab Fab Top Ten Kitchen Gadgets of 2018. We like our gadgets to function well, to stand up to normal (what’s normal?!) use, and to be available for you to use in your kitchen. Not everything is new to the market; some are revamped from older models and we see them in a new light. All are practical and make fabulous stocking stuffers!

 Our role as retailers is to solve problems. Our kitchen gadget wall is full of useful things for cooks of all experience levels. We spend a lot of time researching for quality and function. Many of the suppliers we use back up our choices with guarantees of satisfaction. Nice.  We invite you to come in for a look-see at our Top Ten Gadget Tree and cross a few names off your Christmas Shopping List.

 #10 Good Grips Multi-Unit Measurement Jug- perfect for the baker as wet and dry ingredients measure differently. The outer sleeve turns so you can easily measure fluid ounces or milliliters, or by dry volume.

 #9 RSVP Crinkle Cutter- a knife is a vintage inspired tool to add some interest to cutting carrots or pickles or potatoes. The comfy handle is an upgrade from the ones I remember using!

 #8 Joseph Joseph Rocker Garlic Crusher- ideal for anyone who doesn’t like the smell of garlic on his or her hands (me). Just rock it over the peeled garlic clove and crush it into the bowl, then scrape it into your cooking. Easy.

 #7 Good Grips Garlic Peeler- pop 2-3 garlic cloves into the silicone peeler, roll it back and forth on a hard surface to remove the skins. The skinned cloves pop out and you rinse the peeler to remove the skins. Odour-free hands.

 #6 Fusion Brands Butter Easy- a square silicone sleeve to hold the butter for coating baking pans or for spreading on toast or corn on the cob. Holds ½ stick of butter and has a cap for storage.

 #5 Made in Italy Lobster Shears- these aren’t new; they are fantastic. Sturdy, locking shears that cut through the shells of lobster with little effort. The slim blade fits into the shell without scoring the meat.

 #4 Good Grips Twisting Tea Ball- not really a kitchen gadget but I couldn’t resist this addition as loose tea drinkers will love the simple fill, twist and infuse of this gadget. Great for infusing apple cider too.

 #3 RSVP Parmesan Grater- it’s like sanding cheese into light, fluffy shreds. Just move it back and forth on the hard cheese. The comfortable handle and simple function make it a winner.

 #2 Good Grips Cookie Scoops- quickly transfers the sticky dough from your mixing bowl to the baking sheet. Each cookie is the same size for uniform baking and family harmony (no more “hers is bigger”). Three sizes.

 #1 Fusion Brands EggXact Peel- is brand new and does an amazing job of removing the shell from a soft or hard cooked egg. Crack it then slide the peeler all around the egg to remove the shell. Works every time, ask Angie.

 That is the Ab Fab Top Ten Kitchen Gadget List for 2018. Enjoy!

 Our Bonus Gadget is the Sugar Saver, invaluable for keeping your brown sugar soft.


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