Investing in Staub for the Long Return -Jan 15, 2019

Investing in Staub for the Long Return                        -Jan 15, 2019

Continuing in our January theme of sustainability, investing in superior cookware is a wise financial decision. You use your cookware every day. It is one of the most critical components of a well-equipped kitchen. I would put good knives and cutting boards first, followed by good pots and pans.

 Spending money to save money might seem like part of a retail-marketing plan, and there is a reality to the fact that retail goes into quiet mode after December. That’s why we were happy to see that our Zwilling family of cookware, knives, and accessories, was continuing the Fall Flyer Sale into February. It gives us the perfect opportunity to remind you about Staub.

 Made in France, Staub cookware is a workhorse in your kitchen. The interior of the Staub cookware is flat black, pre-seasoned cast iron, perfect for braising and getting that caramelization which gives so much flavor to your food. The more you cook with a Staub, the more naturally non-stick it becomes. Self-spike lids mean continual basting across the dish during cooking. Inexpensive cuts of meat will have a melt-in-your-mouth finish. The exterior is finished in high heat enamel so the cookware is rust resistant and easy to clean. The heat distribution is excellent both on the stove and in the oven.

 One way to save money is to take time to prepare a meal from scratch. It is definitely less expensive to purchase raw materials (vegetables, meats, grains, beans) and cook meals as batches if you want to save time for other things. The flavor is richer, the food additives are controlled, and your wallet will thank you.

 Staub cookware moves easily from stovetop to oven and even out to the barbeque. Called ‘cocottes’, this Dutch oven style of cookware is the most recognized of the Staub line. These cocottes are available in round or oval style; from small 3L to an amazing restaurant size 12L that gives you a bit of a workout to get it off the stove. Whether you want it for stews, roasts, soups or bread (yes, it bakes a beautiful loaf), there is a size and shape to suit your needs. A choice in colours is a nice touch too. I use my Staub for jam making as the heavy base keeps it from sticking and burning. The products list also includes grill pans (ribbed fry pans), skillets, paella pans, and a fabulous crepe pan set. The bouillabaisse pan with its fish-topped handle is like a piece of functional art.

 This winter, put a Staub on your stove and enjoy the many benefits of cooking in quality cookware. The aromas, tastes and ease of use are enough to make you happy. We are just adding the bonus of winter deep discounts on Staub products to make your investment a profitable one.

 Did you know? Francis Staub designed his first cocotte in 1974. He began manufacturing the cookware in an old munitions factory leftover from World War II. In 2008, Zwilling JA Henckels bought the company Francis started.

 Cathy and staff 


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