Cut Resist Gloves for Happy Hands

Cut Resist Gloves for Happy Hands

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Kitchen Safety- The Cut Resistant Glove

 Everyone who has ever picked up a knife to peel, pare, grate, cut or chop has a wound story to tell. If we are fortunate, the cut is slight, barely requiring a bandage. The more gruesome stories involve a few tears, a trip to Emergency, stitches and explanations.

 The Cut Resistant Glove is part of Occupational Health and Safety in work places such as commercial kitchens, restaurants and other food service locations. Anyone who handles a knife gets a hair net and a glove. These gloves are made to deflect a straight blade. Materials such as high-performance polyethylene are knitted together to form a mesh. The mesh is knit tightly so a blade doesn’t easily catch in the fibers. The stretch helps fit the glove to your hand so it feels comfortable, like a tougher second skin. Most gloves are designed to be used on either the right or the left hand.

 Good Grips make a slim fitting Cut Resistant Glove in three sizes, small to large. You can figure out what size your hand is by measuring from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm. That’s your hand size. The stretchy fit helps snug the glove to your fingers so you can easily hold the food you wish to grate or slice. Most of my kitchen cutting incidents happen while grating. The food is slippery, or small, and oops, I’ve added a bit more of myself than I intended, so the whole thing gets tossed and I need a bandage. The glove acts like a gripper as much as a protector.

 The level of protection from a Cut Resistant Glove is rated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA). The ranking test is a measure of how much weight it takes to cut through a material from a blade traveling 1 inch (2.5cm). The more weight it takes, the higher the ranking. The Good Grips Cut Resistant Gloves are rated at 5, a great rating for a domestic kitchen. That’s a good thing when your hand is on the cutting edge of a knife or a blade of any sort. The glove is not designed for electric slicers or workshop tools, or for commercial kitchens; these require a different grade of glove.

 As with everything Good Grips designs, the function is crucial and so is the clean up. These gloves are machine washable and we do recommend drip-drying. Your fingers are important. A Good Grips Cut Resistant glove costs about the same as two boxes of bandages. And you won’t worry that it might slip off into the coleslaw.

 We are here to help you and your loved ones stay safe in your kitchen. The Glove makes a great stocking stuffer.

 Did you know? Since the 4th century, BC forms of chain mail protected soldiers from arrows or swords by deflecting the points.


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